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Integrity and Longevity - A Distributor Salesman Reflects

While recently having lunch with a potential client, the discussion turned to career history, training, longevity and other open-ended discussion topics.  He was currently managing a massive river terminal and was recently promoted to a much larger territory.  His career in this industry had been relatively short and he was excited and also somewhat tentative about the new position.

When it was my turn to relate my work history, he sat honed in to my every word and the longer I talked the more his eyes widened and his expression turned from curiosity to surprise.  I explained that I had been in this electrical wholesale distribution business my entire career and had never done anything else.  He was totally amazed and went on the quote the disputable fact of people changing careers at least five times over a lifetime.  He almost didn’t believe that one person would pursue the same career for an entire duration of his/her work history.  I was not really sure how to react to his comments.  Should I be proud of that accomplishment or a little jealous of those that change careers many times?  It didn’t take much time for me to answer my own question.  I love what I do and it has never really been a job to me.  Yes, there are days its work, but I cannot imagine myself doing much of anything else.

I tell young up-and-comers that if you learn this business, you can apply this knowledge and work in any climate that suits you.  While electrical markets have vastly changed, there is always a need for electrical, industrial equipment and people that know how to apply them and identify applications for new installations as well as retrofits of older switchgear. By aligning yourself with premier manufacturers, suppliers and people, you set yourself up to be a valuable asset to your customer.  He/she will come to depend on you and your experience, knowledge and overall zeal to help them out.

Cape Electric is primed to continue the history of partnering with all customers, and in my case the industrial markets.  I have been fortunate to be involved in automotive, river, OEM, healthcare, chemical, metals, mining, contractor, well, just about all of them you can name.  With strong partners to go to market, Cape has seen great growth in our local area, as well as throughout the state and our entire sales organization.   Industrial customers require service and competitive pricing, but their biggest objective is to keep the process running with little or no interruptions.  Service trumps price and a true partnership marry the two entities together.

Yes, there are challenges and roadblocks.  Technology is changing so fast and demand is quicker than ever.   We all face these same circumstances but the successful sales professional finds ways to manage hurdles not ignore or glaze over them.  They find ways to educate, overcome and accomplish the task at hand.  Terms like Arc-Flash, Green Energy, IOT and dozens of other customer needs were not in the conversation in our early careers, but it has now taken center stage in the selling process.  It takes a team of people dedicated with one goal in mind and that is a satisfied customer that continues to partner with you. As our CEO said in a recent sales meeting……………………………………..


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