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Giving back to our Community – Parks and Recreation

Cape Electrical Supply has been a part of the Cape Girardeau community, for 65 years, as a wholesale electrical supply company servicing commercial, industrial, utility, Data-Comm, and residential customers. Over the years, we have expanded to include: CESIntegration, which procures, packages, and project manages large electrical packages for national customers; Southfork Lighting which offers residential lighting, rugs, accessories, art, home décor, gifts, and our customer furniture line, Southfork Home Collection, with over 4,000 fabrics available; Southfork Home Center, a hardware store, which stocks 7,000+ items including: tools, paint, grills, lawn & garden items and has access to another 80,000 items, most of which are available within 24 hours. In addition to our brick and mortar locations, we have a strong digital presence with four websites and a mobile app, for our wholesale electrical customers. It’s our people that make the difference! We have seasoned, tenured experts, on staff, in all divisions, ready to provide excellent service and assistance. So if you are building a home, expanding a business, or remodeling either, come and experience the Cape Electrical Supply difference for yourself!

   At Cape Electrical Supply, we believe in investing in our community through sponsorship and volunteer work that directly impacts the daily lives of Cape Girardeau residents. Our employees not only work for our customers, we volunteer with them in schools, churches, and civic organizations. Giving back helps keep our community vibrant and healthy- necessary elements for Cape to continue grow and flourish.

   We live, work, and play in Cape Girardeau! Cape Parks and Recreations not only provide activities for Cape Girardeau residents, it brings people to Cape Girardeau from across the region, which infuses revenue into our local businesses and municipal government. In short, we believe Cape Parks and Recreation is vital in making Cape a great place to raise our families and we support your mission!