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Using the Right Tools

As a child, our family would visit relatives in Ohio during the Holidays and one of my favorite activities was to visit Santa and his magical toy department, at Mabley & Carew in Cincinnati’s Swifton shopping center. The store was very reminiscent of the movie Christmas Story and I enjoyed riding the escalators almost as much as visiting Saint Nick (growing up in Cape Girardeau, escalators were nonexistent). While researching the name of the store I visited as a youth, I was struck by the number of defunct department stores in the United States which have disappeared over the past 100 years. The Wikipedia list states that the store names of one unit and mega-chains are dynamic.  I started to count Ohio alone but fell asleep somewhere around F. We all know of many retailers and wholesalers who are gone, gone, gone.

This brings me to Christmas 2017 and my own shopping habits and beliefs. As a small business man, I understand the power of purchasing local for my business and the tax needs of my community.  I’m also an old techy, whose career in wholesale distribution started seven years prior to Amazon starting off as an online bookstore selling books, primarily competing with local book sellers and Barnes & Noble. I distinctly remember boasting to my family in the 1990’s that I had completed all of my Christmas shopping in my pajamas! Our industry now talks incessantly about how to combat the same on-line giants I supported in my pajamas.

Today’s business manager must not envision the business model in terms of 1 to 5-year plans. Short term plans and budgets are necessary but the long-term vision must extend into decades, scores, and even centuries! Innovative leaders, like Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, understand this strategy. As I gaze out of our office window, I’m thinking about Alvah Roebuck and Richard Sears. After all, didn’t they invent the analog version of todays’ on-line world? The Sears catalog was way ahead of its time, sending goods via rail from its Chicago warehouse. Suppose Mr. Roebuck and Mr. Sears were busy inventing the same concept Elon Musk announced in 2012? If Sears owned a faster train like Musk’s 700 mph Hyperloop, would they be number one?

As employees of Cape Electric, we are blessed to work for a forward-thinking company. Discussion began years ago about how to obtain real estate on our customer’s phones and mobile devices, as we strive to provide value at no additional cost. Today we are proud to offer CES OE Touch. This must have tool reduces costs, increases employee productivity, relays information instantly, and reduces the complexity of managing your inventory by providing access to price and availability 24/7. Providing end to end customer satisfaction puts cash back into your business so you can grow. Without our customers, we are nothing. CES OE Touch is another great tool from Cape Electrical Supply. Please register today!

Apple users can download here - https://itunes.apple.com/nz/app/cape-electrical-supply-oe-touch/id1074061762?mt=8

Android users Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.capeelectric.oetouch

Learn More about OE Touch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQG7ukGowDw





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